Intro picture

Intro picture
Sam LOVES Snow!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet the Kennedy K-9 Clan - Part 2 - Revenge of the Wild Children!

You all asked for you got it! Part 2 of the Kennedy Clan K-9 introductions! Lots to cover, so heeeeere we goooooooooo...

Hola blogging friends! I'm Taz (aka Taz-A-Mo, Mo-M0, Mr. Arbuckle)! I am the only Brittany with a tail and with Liver Roan color. Mom is convinced that I'm really a German Spaniel (Deutschlander Wachtelhund), but as those as so rare here in the US, I'm masquerading as a Brittany! I'm a dancer...I'll put my front paws on your hips and we can dance the night away! I'm also Teresa's Numero Uno choice for accompanying her on hikes - which makes me King of the WILDS. Lots more from my walking chronicles at another time! I came from the Franklin County Pound, and resembled a footstool more than a dog when I arrived 3 years ago. I could only take 10-15 steps before needing a rest. In 2 years, I've lost 20 pounds! Now I'm sleek and athletic and love to run like crazy and hike all over the National Park Trails!
Did I mention that I also have the longest tongue here at the Funny Farm???

G'day Chaps! I'm Sam (aka Samson, Sam-Ham, Handsome, Big, Bigness). I'm the only Springer Spaniel here at the Funny Farm and was rescued from the APL when I was 8 years old - just 3 years ago. I came with AKC papers, even tho' everyone thinks I look more like a 10-month old St. Bernard! I personally perfer to think that I'm an 8 pound Chihuahua and I have never met a lap I couldn't sit in. No one can resist my sweet droopy eyes, and really, truly I am the favorite because I'm so cute and irresistable, and I make everyone smile! Well, except for maybe my WILD snoring! I can wake the dead! I have some pretty advanced arthritis in my front shoulders and legs, but mom gives me daily treats in peanut butter to help with that. I LOVE getting my haircut. No foo-foo Springer "do's" for me...I like a crew cut, nice and comfy!

But, when mom does let my hair grow out for the winter, I'm equally as adorable! I love, love, love the snow. I bury my head in it and then plunk down and make snow angels! Nothing better than fresh snow!

Howdy folks...oops....I'll be right back....can't sit still for too long....just so happy to meet you all! Remember Tigger from Winnie the Pooh? Well, he and I have a whole lot in common!

The wonderful thing about Jaeger, Is Jaegers are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of rubber, Their bottoms are made out of springs! They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy! Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! But the most wonderful thing about Jaegers, Is I'm the only one!
I came to the Funny Farm from friends, about 3 years ago, when they came to the Funny Farm to visit and watch an Ohio State game, and I came to play with some friends. My family had gone through a lot of changes and I had been feeling pretty lonely. It was so clear that I was instantly so much happier, that, well, I never went back to my old home! I had a very bad accident as a 6-month old puppy that damaged my left hip badly. I had surgeries and recovered, but that took it's toll on my right knee. A year after living at the Funny Farm, I had a total ACL reconstruction on december 27th, and after 1 pretty non-functional week, 15 more weeks of leash walking (through the dead of winter in soooooo much snow), and 4 more months of taking it easy, I am the WILDEST, friendliest, happiest, bounciest Black Lab that anyone have ever met!

And, last but not least.....Meet Winston (aka Winnie, Skinny Winnie, Wiffie, Wiffie-Fred) the quintessential WILD child at the Funny Farm. I just go and go and go until it's time for bed and then I just crash and burn! I was 30 minutes from the gas chamber at the pound when mom and Teresa walked in...that was the beginning of a whole new wonderful life. Mom can always tell my voice...I'm the soprano in the family! Dad and I are the greatest snuggle buddies. If he is sitting still, I'm right there by his side. I love to chase ducks, geese, birds and even bats. If it has wings, I'm on it! I'm so skinny that I get 1-2 extra high calorie meals a day, and in a year I gained a whole pound! The vet says that I am the Terminator of all Brittanys. All muscle and, did I mention that I'm WILD???

Ta-Da (all 8 doggies say, taking a bow)...there you have it!!! Now when you see us in upcoming blogs, you'll have some background and recognize our adorable, beautiful faces!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet the Kennedy K-9 Clan - Part 1

Hello Friends and welcome back to our blog! In an effort to get everyone acquainted with the crew here at the Funny Farm, I think it's only appropriate for each of our "woofs" to formally introduce themselves....So, without further delay....

Hello, my name is Pupcake. I’m the original puppy and the A #1 Black Dog. I keep everyone in line – the number one alpha dog. Mom had me before she even met my dad, so I'm the original "man" in her life! I was rescued as a 4 month old puppy from the side of the road 10 years ago on October 26th, and the rest is history!

Hi, my name is Mulligan (aka Mully, MuffleCheese) – I’m the sneezy hunting dog. I love hunting and chasing squirrels and birds. I have lots of cute freckles on my nose. I was born on June 9, 2000 and Mom chose me as a 4 week old puppy from a litter of 10 as a birthday gift for my dad. She chose me because I wasn't a wallflower, got along with lots of other puppies and had a blast attacking the door mat! A few weeks later, I came home to live with mom and dad and a month later dad put a shiny ring around my neck, and I got to give it to mom, and that's when we became an official family forever! I'm a great bird dog, and am the original A #1 Brittany.

Hello Blog readers! My name is Sadie Lou, and I'm your Editor-In-Chief here at the Funny Farm. I’m the fussy one, the fidgit, the wiggle worm, the mother hen, the busy body – always in everybody’s business – but hey, that’s my job. I look like Mully, but I don’t have a wide white stripe on my face. Mom got involved with the great people at NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network) and I came as a foster dog in the fall of 2005. Well, just a few months later, these Kennedy people moved from the city to our 5 acre Funny Farm, and dad gave me to mom as a house warming gift! Hooray! Mom started taking me to agility about 2 years ago, and I have lots of CPE Q's under my belt now! I don't love agility, but I love my mom and I'll do anything for her!

Hello, I’m Dinah (aka Dinah Doodle, Dolly, Dolly Dumples)– the only orange girl Brittany - and I absolutely love food – I was a chef in my last life – so am always on the lookout for new tastes – including any garbage, your sandwich – any kind of left-over – anything on the counter is fair game. I came to the Funny Farm as an NBRAN foster in the spring of 2006 and I was so scared of all men. I didn't know anything about love or a family, and it took me a whole year to give my mom a kiss. I was available for adoption, but after my past and all of my quirks and the length of time it took me to "come around", it was decided that I should probably just stay put! Thanks to my family of people and dogs, I have learned to be a very happy girl. I'm a superb "snooter" when the closest available hand isn't petting me appropriately, and I love licking the peanut butter jar when there isn't enough left for the people!!

Well folks...there you have it....the first half of the woofies here at the Funny Farm! Stay tuned for Part 2 - The Wild Children!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello from all of us at Kennedy's Funny Farm....I'm Courtney and I'll be your tour guide along all of our wild adventures and blog posts! My husband and I have 2 cats, 8 dogs and 13 miniature donkeys. You'll get to know the "players" as the blog proceeds, so sit back, relax and enjoy!!

Your patience is appreciated while I travel the "Learning Curve" in the world of blogging...our first several posts might be pretty sketchy and experimental, but hang in'll get better - I promise! Many thanks to our blogging friends, Brutus and Michelle, for inspiring us to blog too!

For our first official post, I'm "borrowing" a chapter from the Kennedy Dog Walking Chronicles, written by my very good friend and employer Teresa. She is owned by two wonderful cats, but borrows a few of my dogs on a regular basis for hikes in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area (in NE Ohio). This post features Sadie Lou, a 5-year old, liver & white spotted rescued Brittany and her "brother" Tazz, also a 5-year old, liver & white roan rescued Brittany - with a tail! So, on with the blog!

Tazz and Sadie explore O’Neil Woods 7-9-09
Rules of Conduct in the Metro Parks

First, and most IMPORTANT: secure the seatbelt before leaving the driveway! Safety is imperative!

Second: pay close attention to nature – there is a myriad of creatures to be seen.

Third: take advantage of the numerous spas along the trails.

Fourth: Remember to pace yourself – take breaks.

Fifth: There are ALWAYS puppy treats at the end of the trail!