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Intro picture
Sam LOVES Snow!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet the Kennedy K-9 Clan - Part 1

Hello Friends and welcome back to our blog! In an effort to get everyone acquainted with the crew here at the Funny Farm, I think it's only appropriate for each of our "woofs" to formally introduce themselves....So, without further delay....

Hello, my name is Pupcake. I’m the original puppy and the A #1 Black Dog. I keep everyone in line – the number one alpha dog. Mom had me before she even met my dad, so I'm the original "man" in her life! I was rescued as a 4 month old puppy from the side of the road 10 years ago on October 26th, and the rest is history!

Hi, my name is Mulligan (aka Mully, MuffleCheese) – I’m the sneezy hunting dog. I love hunting and chasing squirrels and birds. I have lots of cute freckles on my nose. I was born on June 9, 2000 and Mom chose me as a 4 week old puppy from a litter of 10 as a birthday gift for my dad. She chose me because I wasn't a wallflower, got along with lots of other puppies and had a blast attacking the door mat! A few weeks later, I came home to live with mom and dad and a month later dad put a shiny ring around my neck, and I got to give it to mom, and that's when we became an official family forever! I'm a great bird dog, and am the original A #1 Brittany.

Hello Blog readers! My name is Sadie Lou, and I'm your Editor-In-Chief here at the Funny Farm. I’m the fussy one, the fidgit, the wiggle worm, the mother hen, the busy body – always in everybody’s business – but hey, that’s my job. I look like Mully, but I don’t have a wide white stripe on my face. Mom got involved with the great people at NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network) and I came as a foster dog in the fall of 2005. Well, just a few months later, these Kennedy people moved from the city to our 5 acre Funny Farm, and dad gave me to mom as a house warming gift! Hooray! Mom started taking me to agility about 2 years ago, and I have lots of CPE Q's under my belt now! I don't love agility, but I love my mom and I'll do anything for her!

Hello, I’m Dinah (aka Dinah Doodle, Dolly, Dolly Dumples)– the only orange girl Brittany - and I absolutely love food – I was a chef in my last life – so am always on the lookout for new tastes – including any garbage, your sandwich – any kind of left-over – anything on the counter is fair game. I came to the Funny Farm as an NBRAN foster in the spring of 2006 and I was so scared of all men. I didn't know anything about love or a family, and it took me a whole year to give my mom a kiss. I was available for adoption, but after my past and all of my quirks and the length of time it took me to "come around", it was decided that I should probably just stay put! Thanks to my family of people and dogs, I have learned to be a very happy girl. I'm a superb "snooter" when the closest available hand isn't petting me appropriately, and I love licking the peanut butter jar when there isn't enough left for the people!!

Well folks...there you have it....the first half of the woofies here at the Funny Farm! Stay tuned for Part 2 - The Wild Children!!!


  1. Tank woo fur the introdukhtions!

    We are furry honoured to meet woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom got asked to drive a leg fur NBRAN this weekend but since we'll be at TOTT on Saturday, we khouldn't do it!

  2. I think I might need to save this page for future reference. I got Pupcake and Sam down, but the rest of them disappear into one big Brittany blur when I come over!!
    What a nice crop of followers you've got there! You are a natural born blogger - I just knew it!!

    Michelle & Brutus

  3. Happy to meet you all! Such cuties!

  4. You sound like you've been blogging for years. Good job. The Brittanys are cute, but I love Pupcake! He's adorable.

  5. What a great family so far!! We are so looking forward to meeting the Wild Children!!!


  6. Oh how wonderful to meet you all. I can't wait to meet the rest of the gang.

  7. Pupcake reminds me so much of my old friend, Shadow that Mom had when I was born. He took the rainbow bridge a few years back when he was 15 years old.

    We also have a Sadie, but I don't get along very well with her as you will probably notice during our blogs. Mom says its a green-eyed monster that lives in me, or something. She MADE me post a picture of Sadie on our blog at Corgi Country.

    It was so nice to meet all of you! Come visit us sometime... Right now, we are mostly posting about my daughter (Dotter's) pups. She had 4 of them about 3 1/2 wks ago. If you have high speed, you'll probably enjoy the little vids of them learning to walk, etc.
    OC (Ornery Cuss) Matriarch of the Corgi Country Crew

  8. Great to meet all of you!

    Bajas & Virus

  9. Wow! What a lot of awesome handsome pups! I lost count! You are all lucky to have found such a wonderful home too. I have to agree about Liver being stinky when you cook it and can only imagine how much you would have to cook to make it go around for your whole pack!! It is definitely a magical training tool at our house though.
    I would like to offer a suggestion for your blog (as if your mom/secretary does not have her hands full!) when I visit blogs that have more than 1 dog I love to see a picture of each one with their name on the sidebar because it helps me follow the stories better. The intro is great too because I will remember things about their personalities but may not remember which is which. Hope that does not come across as criticism- your blog is awesome as it is and we look forward to more posts!
    Dana + Moose