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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pupcake Packs the Van!

Earlier this summer, Pupcake had a pretty serious problem with his leg (to be detailed in a blog post in the very near future) and started joining me at work every day - he needed nursing care and his bandages needed to be changed every few hours (if they weren't already falling off). After about 7 weeks, he got "laid-off" (meaning that he was finally well and all healed - big whew). But, thanks to Teresa, at least once or twice a week, his services are still needed on an "Independent Contractor" basis. This past Monday, Teresa and I needed to pack the van to prepare for an upcoming show. That being said, Teresa made the call, Pupcake was available and we all began packing the van!

Pupcake supervised from the comfy floor mat outside of the van for the first half of the van packing project. Once we had the front loaded, Pup felt it necessary to institute some "Quality Control Inspections."
"Boy, oh Boy! You girls do good work. Not a wobbly box in sight! Not a cubic inch unused! Fine job!"
Security camera images show Teresa here trying to earn Brownie Points from the Inspector. Hmmmm....perhaps Human Resources should be contacted? They look a little too close for comfort for the workplace!

"Man, oh man!" Watching you lovely ladies load all of these HEAVY boxes has really taken its toll on me. I'm absolutely exhausted. Does the union around here allow for any breaks?"

"Really? It's ok to lay down on the job? Well, if you insist. Couldn't hurt and we'll brainstorm about how the 2nd half should be packed! Yessiree - that's the ticket!"

"And those 3 boxes can stack where you are resting your head, and those 4 bigger boxes can go right where I'm laying. Hey...where's that slacker Courtney....oh, that's right...she's carrying all of the boxes out here for us to see and talk about! You know I'd be happy to help, but without opposable thumbs and all...."

And somehow, magically, Pupcake waved his wand and the rest of the boxes jumped into the van, just as Teresa and Pup imagined they might! Ta-Daa!
Time for a big drink of water and some well-earned Puppy Treats!
Thank goodness Pupcake was there to provide moral support and to inspect our work! We couldn't have done it without him!!!


  1. Very cute! How does Teresa feel about her blogging debut while laying down on the job? Word gets around, you know.... Hehe!

    If you are looking for someone to come in and shred important documents, please have Teresa contact Brutus - he comes at a reasonable rate!!

  2. Great job!

    I hope woo were fairly khompensated!


  3. Wow with Pup's direction you guys can really pack a van! Nice job! I think Pup deserves a bonus for all his hard work. :)

  4. So that is why I saw little black hairs in all of your print bags, today at the Merchandise Mart.